Save your cost,
Boost your collaboration.

Planning to use Google Workspace? Using it already?

Purchase the bundle at a 10% discounted rate with for GWS and Typed

Available to 50 teams on a first-come-first serve basis

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Typed and Google Workspace together under single mission:

"Ending inefficient collaboration"

With Google Workspace as its foundation, Typed is a document collaboration tool that makes teams smarter and more effective by streamlining the process of creating and organizing digital documents. From online meetings to calendar to documents, witness it all seamlessly come together through Typed x Google Workspace.

“Save your 2.5 hours wasted everyday”

Average time per day at work looking for

but not finding information

*Source: McKinsey report

Cost of ineffective knowledge management

per company (avg. 10 people)

*Source: McKinsey report

Maximum time saved on research

and file organization via Typed

1 Typer = 4 non-Typers working together





How much cost will you be saving?

Typed or Other Tools

Google Workspace

Monthly Cost per Person

For 50-Person Company

Listed Price





GWS x Typed Bundling




Pay less by adopting Typed

“Google Drive is a mess.
Typed will help you organize that.”

Tim Spencer

Co-founder at Markai

“The backlink feature is so convenient when utilizing scattered references and information. Typed’s method of optimizing workflow and time and energy spent on documentation is arguably the best option to maximize productivity.”

Shina Chung

CEO at KakaoVentures

Typed x Google Workspace

Bundling Discount

Google Workspace

Google Workspace, previously known as Google Suite, is a term that is used to encompass Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Chat, Drive, Doc, Sheet, Slide, Form, etc, tools for collaboration.

Typed x Google Workpsace Bundling Discount Contract

Typed x Google Workspace Bundling Discount is contracted through the reseller, Megazone Soft. Through the contract, you can benefit from a discounted Google Workspace price with Typed along its side.


*Denoting Megazone Soft in this contract.

A reseller is an officially licensed company by Google to sell and contract for businesses instead of Google. By contracting with likewise resellers, they will provide support in implementing as well as the operation side of it. A representative reseller company of South Korea is Megazone Soft.

Contract Process

*The Bundling Discount Contract is integrated between Megazone Soft’s Google Workspace license agreement and Business Canvas’s Typed license agreement.

1. Fill out [Typed x Google Workspace Bundling Discount] application form.

2. Sign contract for [Typed x Google Workspace Bundling Discount].

3. Payments managed by Megazone Soft.

4. Immediate usage of Google Workspace and Typed after setup following successful payment.

Contract Duration

The contract is bound for one-year from the date the bundle is first used. After the contract ends, you will need to contract GWS and Typed separately. (But, prices may differ.)

Payment Method

*Contracts will only be carried with annual payments.

1. Tax bills on contract payment will be held by Megazone Soft.

2. Tax bill payments must be carried out within 30 days to the appropriate account.


Will there be separate manuals, education, and or consulting?

For Google Workspace: All inquiries on Google Workspace will be handled by Megazone Soft on a 24/7 basis. For Typed: Business Canvas will provide onboardings tailored to each company and inquiries will be handled by Business Canvas through the product. If inquiries are difficult for whatever reason, emailing to is also available.

What are the minimum and maximum users to use the package?

The number of available seats in the Typed x Google Workspace Bundling Discount is dependent on the number of seats used for Google Workspace. The number of seats available for Typed are directly aligned with the Google Workspace seats.

What happens when the user count changes during the contract?

The seats of ex-employees can be reallocated to new employees. When there is a case to introduce more seats, additional costs will be billed along with a new contract for those new seats. (But, the number of seats cannot be taken away from the initial contract.)

What happens at the end of the contract?

Contracts for Google Workspace and Typed can be renewed by Megazone Soft and Business Canvas, respectively. (But, prices may differ.) In the case of Google Workspace, the contract can be renewed with Megazone Soft. (But, discount rates may change.) In the case of Typed, the contract can be extended prior to or post to the end.

Can I cancel the contract in the midst?

Following Google Workspace service policy, the paid amount will not be refunded.

Can I get additional discounts if I am already on a discount service?

Regardless of the existing discount rate, the contract will be a 10% discount to the original listed price.

What if I am already on a reseller contract, including Megazone Soft?

You may not integrate Typed x Google Workspace Bundling Discount with an existing contract even with Megazone Soft. However, after the initial existing contract ends, you may take up the Typed x Google Workspace Bundling Discount for a new contract - with Megazone Soft.